Think Lenoir CountyLenoir County Businesses: Are You On Board?

Every dollar spent in Lenoir County benefits important City, Town and County-provided services like police and fire, seniors' programs, libraries, and streets and facilities maintenance. Sales tax generated from taxable Lenoir County transactions stays in Lenoir County (this equals over $12.2 million from gross taxable sales) and keeps our business sector vibrant.

The Kinston-Lenoir County Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the cities of Kinston, LaGrange, Pink Hill and Lenoir County has launched a county-wide initiative called TLC-Think Lenoir County. TLC is an awareness campaign to educate the community about the importance of shopping and purchasing services locally. The goal of the campaign is to directly benefit your bottom line by showcasing you as a vital contributor to our local economy.

Add your business to the growing list of campaign participants. Maximize your participation by including a "TLC" logo in store ads and at point of purchase. Offer to match competitors' lowest costs from outside our county. Explain this program to your employees. Help create a positive buzz and keep the momentum going in whatever way possible. If you have other ideas, be sure to let us know.

Tips for Businesses – Maximize Your TLC participation

Join in and become a TLC partner. Let your customers know that you appreciate their business and have also taken the TLC pledge to shop locally.

As a Lenoir County business TLC partner, when possible you will:

Download & Print to Show You TLC...


TLC Green Oval Logo Decal
Color Oval Logo
300 dpi, printable
TLC Green Oval Logo Decal
Color Oval Logo
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Here are ways that as individuals you and your employees can participate.